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Connect with Nutrition

Kirsten ChickFood is meant to nourish you, not punish you! 🙂

Do you feel your diet isn’t fully supporting your health and wellbeing? Or that your approach to food is self-sabotaging? Kirsten Chick has over a decade’s experience to share.

“While so many are seeking “the perfect” diet and way to be, I understand that you are unique and ever changing. I offer you a personalised approach.

“This includes an assessment of how well you are digesting and absorbing foods and your general health picture. Plus how ongoing or unresolved stress and traumas are affecting your overall health. I then help you to unravel all of this and nourish yourself fully again.”

Online Workshops and Courses:

Please visit my facebook page or e-mail me at info@connectwithnutrition.co.uk for more details

Next workshops:

New Year Nutrition
Tuesday 19th January 2021 7-8pm GMT
Book: www.evolutionarts.org.uk

Nutrition for People Living with Cancer
Thursday 28th January 2021 7-8.30pm GMT
Book: www.eventbrite.co.uk

Sugar & Inflammation
Tuesday 2nd February 2021 7-8pm GMT
Book: www.evolutionarts.org.uk

Menopause Nutrition
Thursday 18th February 2021 7-815pm GMT
£10/8 + bf
Book: eventbrite.co.uk

Next 6-week Course:

Nutrition Foundations
6 Mondays 7-9pm 2021 GMT starting 15th February 2021
Book: www.evolutionarts.org.uk

Other Events:

Your Life and Cancer conference
Kirsten spoke as an Expert Host on “Diet as the Foundation of Good Health” – recordings are available to buy here: www.yourlifeandcancer.com

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