"...when one follows a single thread in nature, one finds
it is attached to the rest of the world..."

What a gorgeous change in weather we’ve had of late. We’ve had sunshine and blue skies in Brighton for a couple of weeks now, and in recent days even the cold breeze has warmed. I’ve been wanting lighter meals and more salads, and had my first wheatgrass shot of the spring as my food trends have been naturally shifting.

Today I made soup – not a hearty rich winter warmer, but a light and fragrant Asparagus and Nutmeg soup that really hit the spot.

Like most soups, I kind of made it up as I went along, but here’s roughly what I did, with some variations that occurred to me along the way. As always, please play with the recipe and make it your own.


asparagus soup



2 bunches asparagus
1/2 butternut squash
1 medium sized potato (or use more squash)
1 red onion
1/2 organic low salt vegetable stock cube
2 generous glugs milk or cream (either dairy or coconut)
1/4 nutmeg freshly grated
seasoning to taste



1. Chop and sweat the onions in a little water
2. Chop and add the potatoes and sweet potatoes, cover with more water or stock
3. When the potato is about half cooked, chop and add the asparagus and stock cube
4. Grate and add the nutmeg together with the milk/cream and seasoning
5. Blend and serve, preferably in the sunshine



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