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Book launch week – Nutrition Brought to Life

by | Aug 21, 2020 | Blog, Uncategorised

My book launch week has been incredibly special and heartwarming. Nutrition Brought to Life is a book I am so inordinately pleased with. And as people have started to receive their copies and send me their comments, it’s been confirmed to me that I have written the book I set out to write. I’d set my standards pretty high, so I’m feeling a wonderful combination of relief, satisfaction, gratitude and pride – and yes, although it feels supremely awkward, I’m letting myself enjoy the glow.

Nutrition Brought to Life is a practical guide to nutrition. Its subtitle is A Thorough Grounding in Nourishment with 50 Delicious Recipes. It takes you through all aspects of nutrition, explaining the foods and nutrients on your plate, how your body works and how those two things interact. I focus on stress processes and adrenal support, the microbiome and gut support, general digestive health, the immune system, hormonal balance, liver support and more. Below you can see my list of intentions for the book vs. the feedback and reviews I’ve had so far. I can’t tell you how happy I am at how much of these match.

Book launch week

A book launch week is so much more than it sounds. It’s become clear to me just how much of my life has been geared towards achieving this beautiful hardback I hold in my hands. How many skills I have learnt, how many different experiences have contributed, how much refining of what I want to say, how I want to say it, and how I want to present it all.

In lieu of the usual book launch party with book signing, we’ve done things differently, due to the extraordinary circumstances of this year. I held a Virtual Launch Party online, which actually meant that people could attend who otherwise wouldn’t have been there. It also meant I could record it, for those who missed it or had technical issues on the night. I joked on the invitation that it was a BYOB affair, and it saved me the hassle of booking venues, and spared guests the worry of parking and transport, and how to make an early exit without seeming rude. It also missed that special atmosphere of everyone being in the same room together, and being able to chat individually afterwards, but it had a lovely vibe of its own:

As for the book signing, I’ve done two of those, one in my back garden and one in my local park. They were both intimate affairs, just a production line of me, my publishers and boxes full of books that they then sent out to people who had ordered directly from them. My friend Becky gatecrashed the first one and we drank champagne and it all felt perfect.

Intentions for Nutrition Brought to Life

I wanted to write a book that was:

  1. Kind and non-judgemental

    We spend so much of our lives judging ourselves about what we eat, giving ourselves a hard time, making food restrictive and punishing instead of something that nourishes us. I didn’t want to add to that, and write a lot about this in the book.

  2. Meaningful

    Containing what I’ve found over the years to be important and useful, explained in a way that the reader can put it into practice. I really want this book to actually inspire and help people. Whether it’s with their health, their relationship to food, their cooking skills or other aspects of self-care.

  3. Engaging and accessible

    There’s no point writing a book that no one wants to read! So this is where I’m grateful to skills I have learnt from many years of teaching, the string of press officer jobs I had in my 20s, and the voracious appetite for reading (and occasionally writing) both fiction and non-fiction my entire life.

  4. Grounded in science and experience

    It’s been 5 years since I signed the contract to write this book, and I’ve spent most of that time down wormholes of research. I wanted to check that everything I wrote was as accurate and up-to-date as possible. I’m not saying it’s bulletproof, as nothing ever is, but there are 9 pages of references, and I’m satisfied that it’s the best I can put together right now. All this within the context of what I have found to be useful (see #2) and actually work for people.

  5. Beautiful

    I love beautiful covers and designs, and I think it’s a key feature in people’s experience with a book. I spent hours, weeks, months seeking out the right images. Including the exquisite cover art by Kristen Meyer. Harvey and Debs at Alchimia have a keen eye for design. They came up with the subtle spectrum of tinted paper that makes the book a gentle read as it takes you through the rainbow. Debs insisted on a softer matt paper that not only makes this spectrum really work, but that makes reading a more tactile experience. And I had two exceptional photographers on my team, too: Lesley Burdett Photography for the main recipe shoot and Heardinlondon Photography for the portrait shots.

Your feedback so far

Nutrition Brought to Life has been out less than a week, and already I’ve had all this in and more. I’m feeling so thankful for all the wonderful support I’m getting. Please feel free to upload comments to any review sites you come across, keep telling your friends, family, neighbours, colleagues, share on all your social media and help me get Nutrition Brought to Life out into the wider world.

“It’s a rare moment we get THIS excited about a book release… Kirsten Chick’s new book ‘Nutrition Brought To Life’ promises to be THE book we all need to read. Her incredible approach gives us up to date, and fully researched theory in a way that is accessible, enabling us to integrate the theory into our own food habits. The book also contains some delicious recipes, and is beautifully presented with pictures. Simply fabulous” Tara North, Guarana Bar

“I have a few good nutrition and recipe books, which are informative and the recipes are well loved. But I’ve started reading Kirsten’s book, and it’s an entirely different kettle of fish. It’s so engaging to read. It’s easy to understand. It looks glorious. And as for the food photos…..
It’s really, really good. Seek it out.”
Katy McGrory

“Let me start right out by saying how amazingly comprehensive it is for a compact volume, so much more than a regular nutrition book or diet book or recipe book – in fact, it’s all of those and a lot more – and I think it manages to tread a line of being scientific without being sciency […] Your new book is really a fantastic new addition to the bookshelves […] It’s practical, it’s helpful, and it’s going to go right up there amongst the frontrunners in books that I recommend to people looking to embrace lifestyle and integrative medicine” Robin Daly, Yes to Life on UK Health Radio, July 2020

“So much information all beautifully presented. Looks like a real labour of love.” Jo Bayles

“My book arrived! It’s amazing thank you 💚 First flick through- fascinating, really accessible, informative, warmly written, thorough – exactly the book I need. […] Oh my word, this book is going to be transformative” Lynda Jayne

“Started reading Kirsten Chick’s fab book on nutrition and have already made a yummy pudding, she writes so well that it really engages you with wanting to put good food in your body…”
Kelly Wye

“I’m enjoying the book so much. You have a wonderful ability to explain things so clearly and beautifully. I think it will be something friends will be receiving as presents – it’s also just very very beautiful to look at. I love the ribbon.” Maria Sardina

“Having been privileged to get hold of this book on the day it came out, I can’t recommend it highly enough. It’s like having the wonderful support of Kirsten in book form. Her years of experience and research make this a fantastic reference, as well as a beautiful cook book.” George Huguenet

“Kirsten really knows her stuff. The book contains shed loads of valuable and easy to understand info about the science of nutrition, how your body works & how you feel, your hormones, your immune system and it includes some awesome recipes (with awesome pics aha) too.” Lesley Burdett, Lesley Burdett Photography

Thanks to Aurelie Elder for the featured photo – taken on her front steps when I hand delivered her signed copy.


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