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carrot and seaweed salad

I love this nutrient rich salad with ribboned carrots and sea spaghetti in a lemon and tahini dressing. It’s vibrant, earthy, crunchy and packed full of calcium, iodine, betacarotene, selenium, vitamin C, B vitamins and so much more.

Sea spaghetti is a kind of seaweed I’ve been getting from a couple of local health food shops. It’s from the Spanish Atlantic, is really easy to use and quite a palatable introduction to seaweed. It’s not too strong tasting, but still adds a mineral flavour that works well with the sweetness of the carrot, especially when cut with the gentle acidity of the lemon juice.

You could also use wakame or a number of other different types of seaweed instead.

Carrot and seaweed salad recipe:

1. Soak the sea spaghetti in warm water for 20 minutes. Meanwhile…

2. Ribbon the carrots with a potato peeler: draw the peeler lengthways from carrot top to carrot tip, rotate the carrot slightly and repeat until you can’t practically ribbon any more. (Use the rest of the carrot to dip into houmous, guacamole or almond butter as a snack later on.)

3. Stir the juice and zest of half to one lemon into 2-3tbsp raw or light tahini. Stir vigorously until smooth, adding a little water to make a thick, creamy consistency. Season with a little tamari (wheat-free soya sauce).

4. Rinse and drain the seaweed and mix all the ingredients together.

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