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Do you need a super quick, incredibly versatile free-from-refined-sugar-and-ultra-processed-ingredients chocolate sauce recipe in your life? Well, here it is.

You can use this chocolate sauce in so many situations: spread onto oatcakes or buckwheat pancakes, as a cake topping, as a dip for strawberries and pineapple, and even as a base for hot chocolate (just add warm milk, dairy or plant-based).

My most recent application was as a topping for some Spiced Fig and Apple Flapjack Mini Bites that I made for my Anniversary Book Signing. The flapjack recipe is the most popular in my book, Nutrition Brought to Life, so I wanted to include it in the event. I ended up making the bite-sized flapjack balls you can see in the picture – and then wanted to add something special.

Chocolate spread seemed the perfect go-to.

You can also make a thinner version by adding a little plant-based milk and turning it into chocolate sauce to drizzle on ice cream and other desserts.

Chocolate spread recipe

There are no amounts here, as half the fun is in tasting to see how good it is (remember: no double dipping!). And also because some of you will like it sweeter, and some more bitter. Make it how you like it. But there are 3 basic ingredients:

Pure cocoa powder*
Coconut oil
Raw honey or maple syrup

You just mix them together and there you have it.

*I use cocoa powder, not the raw cacao powder, as I prefer the flavour and because I fund cacao too much of a stimulant for me. Also make sure what you’re using hasn’t been sweetened.

Chocolate spread variations

As with all good recipes, the variations are as endless as your imagination. Add hazelnut butter for a nutty chocolate spread. Or perhaps orange juice and zest, or a little sea salt, or a few dried chilli flakes… let me know if you stumble across a real winner.

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