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Good health for 2015!

by | Jan 5, 2015 | Blog

Happy new year, everyone!

Anyone planning a detox or cleansing programme? Why not work with your body’s natural rhythms and pace, and avoid stressing your body out?

My best general advice: be gentle on yourself in Jan and Feb, focus on nourishing and keeping warm and hydrated for now, and gradually build up to a deeper cleanse in the spring.

Want to find out more? Well, you can:

1) Read my article on spring cleaning

2) Come along to my next 6-week Nutrition Level 1 course starting Thursday 15th Jan 7-9pm at Evolution Arts

3) Join us at the Bloom Spring Retreat for a day (Sat 14th March) or a long weekend (March 13th-16th) of nutrition, yoga, chi kung, juicing, clean food, mindfulness and more

4) Come and see me for a one-to-one consultation so I can work through your full case history and put together some recommendations specific to you


Health, wealth, happiness and peace to you all x



Workshops and Courses:

Please visit the links below for more details

Online workshops:

What is an Anti-Inflammatory Diet?
Inflammation is a key feature of many illnesses and conditions, so an Anti-Inflammatory Diet is often recommended. But what is an Anti-Inflammatory Diet, and how can you put yours in place?
Available on demand at: kirsten-chick.cademy.co.uk

Nutrition for the Menopausal Mind
Learn a nourishing approach to help manage and regulate stress, anxiety, memory, concentration, brain fog and sleep.Understand why these can be a problem around perimenopause and menopause, and how nutrition can help.£6
Available on demand at: kirsten-chick.cademy.co.uk


Introduction to Integrative Oncology for Healthcare Professionals (online)
11 pre-recorded modules by 11 different Course Presenters
£99 (for a limited time only)
Book: yestolife-horizons.org

Other Events:

Yes to Life Annual Conference 2023: You & Your Cancer Team
I co-hosted and presented at both the online and in person events this year, alongside some wonderful professionals, who came together to bring you the best practical support possible.
Recordings of the key speaker sessions are available to buy now: www.yestolifeshop.org/annual-conference-2023

Your Life and Cancer conference
Kirsten was invited back to this year’s event, appearing in an interview with naturopathic oncologist Dr. Heidi Kussman and on two Q&A panels – download the recordings from both weekends here: www.yourlifeandcancer.com

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