"...when one follows a single thread in nature, one finds
it is attached to the rest of the world..."

Quinoa with vegetables and black beans

Tomorrow is the shortest day of the year. To be more precise, it has the fewest daylight hours and the longest night, and marks a turning point that affects your physical and mental health: the moment when it stops getting darker and starts getting lighter again.

This darkest day is the perfect time to rest and restore. Take a breath in amidst the festive craziness, and settle your energy. You can use this opportunity to go inwards, reflect on how your year has gone, on how you are doing right now. What can you be really thankful for, what can you give yourself a pat on the back for, what warms your heart? At the same time, is there anything you can now close the chapter on, or transform into something new?

While you’re listening in, what feels like it’s going to be warming your belly right now? Does the thought of roasted root vegetables make your tummy smile? Or a slow cooked casserole? Or do you feel you need something lighter, perhaps some steamed vegetables with a little fish or some pulses?

Chinese Water Element foods that may feel appropriate in the wintertime include black beans, walnuts, chestnuts, sea vegetables fish. So perhaps incorporate these in your stews, bakes and other dishes. Boiled chestnuts blended with prunes, cocoa or carob powder and a little coconut oil and/or coconut cream make decadent christmas truffles – just shape into balls and coat with a dusting of cinnamon powder.

In wintertime, the energy is mostly below the surface, underground. So any plans you make now for the new year ahead will be gently nurtured, grow deep roots… and as the days grow longer and the light expands, those plans make their way to the surface, grow tall and bear fruit.

Try choosing one thing that you would like to change about your health or diet over the coming months. Make it simple and achievable. Here are some suggestions:

  • Eat regular meals – rather than skipping or rushing meals and then snacking unhealthily or getting indigestion as a result
  • Drink a pint of warm water every morning when you first wake up. Nothing added, except perhaps a small slice of lemon.
  • Enjoy and be grateful for every meal, whatever the content
  • Eat leafy green vegetables at least once a day
  • Go for a walk every day, even when the weather seems grim
  • Save sugar for weekends and special occasions – and savour every mouthful so you really enjoy it, and you know when you’ve had enough
  • Save alcohol for weekends and special occasions – and savour every mouthful so you really enjoy it, and you know when you’ve had enough
  • Book your January nutrition consultation – BOOK FOR JAN BY NYE AND GET A 10% DISCOUNT
  • Book your place on our Bloom Spring Equinox or Bloom Summer Retreat – www.bloomholisticretreats.com – In fact, if you need a last minute Christmas gift idea, we are offering 10% off any retreat places booked by Christmas day as a gift too
  • Sign up for my next Level 1 Nutrition Course at Evolution Arts in Brighton – the next course starts o Tues 26th Jan 7-9pm and runs for 6 weeks.

Most of all, in the coming days and weeks, remember to slow down (without grinding to a halt!), find the joy in everything you do, and use the extra daylight hours to make time for yourself.

Happy solstice!

open Baltic sea at the sunset


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