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Lemon and poppyseed pancake stack

Lemon and poppyseed pancake stack

Pancake day is here!


It’s Shrove Tuesday tomorrow – traditionally a day to use up all your fresh produce in a pancake batter before you fast for 40 days. Now more usually known as Pancake Day. So I’m reposting below my recipe and top tips for making deliciously nutritious pancakes to flip or stack.

This year’s favourite: lemon and poppyseed! I swirled poppy seeds and sultanas into the batter and stirred in some freshly squeezed lemon juice, and they are soooo tasty! I used coconut milk to make the batter so, together with the sultanas, that made them sweet enough for me. But you could also drizzle on a little raw honey. I’m also experimenting this year with super low-fructose coconut flower nectar…


Pancake recipe:


Below are some different options to the basic batter mixture. It’s not a precise art, it’s just about getting the consistency right. For regular pancakes,you want something similar to cream. For scotch pancakes (drop scones) you want something more like really thick custard.

I usually whisk 1 or 2 eggs into about 100-200g flour, plus enough milk (dairy/almond/coconut etc.) or water to make the consistency right.

Ideally make flour-based batter the night before, so it can ferment and become more digestible and nutritious. Adding a splash of buttermilk, yoghurt or a little lemon juice or apple cider vinegar will help start the fermentation process. This will also reduce levels of phytates, making the nutrients easier to digest.

Gluten-free pancake options:

Classic buckwheat pancakes and brown rice flour pancakes are both great.

Grain-free pancake options:

Try gram flour (chickpea flour), chestnut flour or quinoa flour. Or blend eggs with either mashed squash or mashed banana (yes, it really works! but they are more delicate, so best for drop scones). Or try this cauliflower tortilla recipe.

Dairy-free pancake options:

I pretty much always use water instead of milk anyway, or a mix of water and coconut milk for a super decadent pancake.

Vegan pancake options:

There’s a really great recipe here.


3 Top Pancake Tips:


1. Add a pinch of bicarb before cooking for fluffy pancakes..
2. Gently fry your pancakes in coconut oil to avoid rancid and damaged fats
3. Try savoury toppings such as mushroom and spinach, stir-fried vegetables in tahini sauce, or guacamole and salad. Or for a sweeter tooth, try lemon and honey, berries and yoghurt, stewed apple and cinnamon…

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