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How to Beat the Winter Blues webinar with Kirsten Chick on Wed 5th Nov 2015 at 4pm
(you can also download the recorded webinar later)

Do you associate winter with illness, depression or fatigue? Do you struggle with the shorter, darker days? Would you like to feel healthier, brighter and more energised through the colder months?

In winter it is important that we fully nourish ourselves to support our physical and mental health. A lack of vitality can lead to stagnation, which can result in what seems like continual viruses, colds and flues, or feeling stuck and depressed in general life.

In this CPD accredited webinar, Kirsten Chick will help you understand why winter affects so many people in this way, and how to work naturopathically to make effective changes to health and wellbeing.

You will:

  • Gain a deeper insight into colds, flus, viruses and infections and how to address them naturopathically
  • Discover ways to boost mood and avoid SAD
  • Learn about the Chinese Water Element, including practical ways to nourish yourself through winter
  • Explore seasonal eating in terms of ingredients and eating styles
  • Get ideas for healthy winter and Christmas treats
  • Review the importance of vitamin D
  • Revise your winter supplement regime

This webinar is suitable for both practitioners and anyone wanting a brighter, healthier winter this year. Book now to ensure your place.

Book your place here: http://www.nutrigold.co.uk/webinars/How-to-beat-the-winter-blues.html

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