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Spiced reishi latte – an immune system boost

Spiced reishi latte – an immune system boost

Feeling run down? Need an immune system boost? One spiced reishi latte coming up!     There's nothing I like more on a wintry afternoon or evening than a warming, nourishing, milky drink. It feels like being wrapped in the softest blanket. It can give me the...

Apple-icious cake – a gluten-free cake miracle

  Yesterday I decided to bake a gluten-free cake for my dinner guests. I had a hankering for apples, and I wanted something, moist, and comforting, but light and fluffy. This was an incredibly risky strategy, as: a) Gluten-free cakes are one of the most difficult...

Warm Slaw

Warm Slaw - recipe below   Raw vs Cooked? I got my nutrition students to have a Raw vs Cooked debate today. They came up with some really great points. How eating foods raw preserves many of the vitamins and minerals (depending on how and how long it's been...

5 golden milk recipes

5 golden milk recipes

Golden milk for the autumn equinox Golden milk is perfect for this time of year. The autumn equinox marks the passing from the harvest time of late summer, to the autumn season where dying leaves and over-ripened fruit drop to the ground and compost themselves into...

Jelly sweet treat recipes to heal your gut

Jelly sweet treat recipes to heal your gut

Imagine if you could make a sugar-free version of these for you and your children to enjoy. Super healthy and oh so delicious sweets that help you make white blood cells, soothe your inflamed gut, calm your nervous system and help moderate your brain activity?

Mini frittata muffins

Mini frittata muffins

This recipe for mini frittata muffins is as versatile as it is delicious. You can get creative with the filling, so that it becomes something new every time you make it. Plus you can have it for breakfast, lunch, dinner or as a satisfying snack. There have been a few...

Pancake recipes!

Pancake day is here!   It's Shrove Tuesday tomorrow - traditionally a day to use up all your fresh produce in a pancake batter before you fast for 40 days. Now more usually known as Pancake Day. So I'm reposting below my recipe and top tips for making deliciously...

Chickpea soup recipe

Chickpea soup recipe

This delicious chickpea soup mostly comprises things beginning with C. The whole cumin seeds combine with the chickpeas and carrots to give an earthy sweetness to help nourish your digestive energy and keep you feeling grounded and gently supported.

Broccoli and almond soup recipe

Broccoli and almond soup recipe

This broccoli and almond soup recipe is an old favourite of mine – it’s light, creamy and super simple to make. And a great veggie soup for those of you who struggle with pulses but want some plant-based protein in there to fill you up and keep you satisfied and energised for longer.

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