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Morning all! I’ve been away for a little while, so I just wanted to give you a little update on what’s coming up in the world of Connect With Nutrition.

My next 6-week Level 1 Nutrition Course starts tomorrow 7-9pm! So last chance to book: http://goo.gl/2FhVcJ
My next Level 2 Nutrition Course is over 2 Saturdays 10.30am-4.30pm on Nov 14th and 21st – you can do this if you’ve done Level 1 or already have a sound basis in nutrition. Book here: http://goo.gl/2FhVcJ

I offer nutritional consultations in person and via phone and Skype. Please note that from October 1st 2015, my pricing structure is changing:
Initial consultation (60-90mins) – £80 (£90 at clinic)
Initial consultation for children – £55
Review consultation (60mins) – £55 (£60 at clinic)
Mini review consultation (30mins via phone) – £25
So some sessions are going up, some are staying the same, and for some of you it will be cheaper! This is my first pricing restructure since the beginning of the recession several years ago, so I’m trusting you will all be happy with this.

You can follow my blogs here, and also find regular posts on Instagram (@connectwithnutrition), Facebook (Connect With Nutrition) and Twitter (@KirstenChick1).
I have some exciting new recipes to post in the coming weeks, so stay tuned!


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