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This is my new vlog about shiitake mushrooms and how they benefit your immune system.


Shiitake mushroom recipes

Here are some tasty recipes where you can include shiitake mushrooms and other medicinal mushrooms:

Mighty mushroom crepes Mightily delicious as well as immune boosting

It’s a wrap! Use shiitake mushrooms in the avocado and mushroom option

Spiced reishi latte This uses powdered reishi, another medicinal mushroom, and you can also use powdered shiitake in this recipe

Mini frittata muffins Swap the wild mushrooms for shiitake mushrooms in this breakfast/lunch/snack recipe

Spring in your step stir fry Simply add shiitake mushrooms at the same time as the other vegetables



The references for the 2 studies used for this vlog are:

References: Dai, Xiaoshuang, et al. “Consuming Lentinula edodes (Shiitake) mushrooms daily improves human immunity: A randomized dietary intervention in healthy young adults.” Journal of the American College of Nutrition 34.6 (2015): 478-487.

Jayachandran, Muthukumaran, Jianbo Xiao, and Baojun Xu. “A Critical Review on Health Promoting Benefits of Edible Mushrooms through Gut Microbiota.” International Journal of Molecular Sciences 18.9 (2017): 1934.

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