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spiced fig muesli square


Spiced Fig and Apple muesli squares – for breakfast, brunch or afternoon tea.
Like flapjacks, but softer and more exotic.

I’m a little bit in love with pan-fried figs right now, and have been feeling like I may need some molasses for extra iron. So when my stepdad gave me cooking apples, this is what I came up with. The amazing list of nutrients in every delicious bite is too long to write here, but they are particularly high in manganese, good for bones, connective tissue, thyroid, digestive and detox enzymes etc. Plus additional bone-strengthening and other benefits from high levels of magnesium, potassium, phosphorous, zinc, B6 and thiamine.

200g oats
100g ground pumpkin seeds
2 cooking apples – grated
3 figs – preferably fresh, but if not available, then buy dried and soak them first
100g butter (or about 70g coconut oil)
2tbsp blackstrap molasses
2 cardamom pods (split and crushed)
1/2tsp cinnamon

1. Halve figs and cut into slices, then pan fry in a little of the butter until soft
2. Add molasses, butter/coconut oil, spices and grated apples
3. Stir in oats and pumpkin seeds
4. Bake in small greased square pyrex dish or baking tray for 30mins at 160-180 degrees
5. Leave to cool and slice into squares

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