"...when one follows a single thread in nature, one finds
it is attached to the rest of the world..."



Testimonials from clients:

“Receiving an unexpected diagnosis of breast cancer was devastating news for me and made me want to look further at my general wellbeing. I decided to source some nutritional advice and Kirsten Chick was recommended at connectwithnutrition.co.uk. Two words sum up the difference that this has made to me: ‘Life Changing’.
Her recommendations have looked at past health issues as well as my ongoing health,
putting me in a healthier position going forwards as well as making me feel more positive about my future.
I feel more energised, with a much more settled stomach, improving skin/hair and best of all, I am loving my food again!
Thank you Kirsten for your ongoing support and regular reviews, enabling me to get the best out of my life again.”
Sue Bailey – Bournemouth

“I cannot thank you enough for your advice and knowledge and the difference it has made to how I feel – physically & mentally.”
Jo Bayles

“Thank you for all the amazing bits of information you have shared with us all,  and all the insights and wisdom that I have received from you over the years.  You are one of a few people that I credit with helping me to transform my life, and I am deeply grateful to you for that.”
Frances Mills

“Kirsten helped me turn my health and well being around so much so, that nearly every member of my family has since been to see her. She is very easy to talk to and very knowledgable, I would recommend her to anyone.”
Lisa Linton

“Once again thank you so much for all your help this year, my healthy pregnancy and blood results are all down to you teaching me how to look after myself!  I am so grateful for all the support you have given me.”
Fiona Loveland

“Thank you for your advice and grounding words surrounding Natural Nutrition Kirsten, you were a part of the picture that has given us our healthy children.”
Paula Sharp


Through any battle with illness we are faced with so much information and opinions. The nutrition part of my journey was the fundamental underpinning of my regime which reduced inflammation and pain ten fold. Kirsten guided me through my options explaining the why and wherefores and gave me recipes and endless advice. I cannot thank her enough for giving me the tools to take back some control in my life.
Karen Cruiks

“I saw Kirsten for my initial consultation a few years ago and I have not looked back since. My health has improved dramatically and I only wish I had discovered natural nutrition earlier on. Kirsten has helped me improve all areas of my life; from suffering from migraines to now having none, energy and concentration levels, skin complaints, and generally an overall sense of well-being and feeling healthy for the first time in my life. I have continued to return to Kirsten regularly for support and advice as I’ve reach different points in my life i.e. fertility, pregnancy, breastfeeding and she has never failed to give me great advice with amazing results. Now my 2 year old daughter benefits from Kirsten’s wealth of knowledge and wisdom! I would highly recommend her.”
Jessica de Castro

“I first met Kirsten in March 2009, and since then, the advice and support she has provided has enabled me to look at life in a completely different way. Everything from nutrition to self belief, to having complete faith in nature and my body’s ability to heal itself. I would never have found this understanding without her help, and would recommend her services to anyone who has reached a crossroads in their life.”
Craig Spreadbury

“I have had one face-to-face consultation, and subsequent telephone consultations, with Kirsten in the last year and have benefited greatly from her advice. I found her very knowledgeable and easy to talk to. She is also very keen to tailor her advice to each person as an individual and take into account lifestyle choices etc. I’d highly recommend her!”
Maddie Stanley

“I appreciated Kirsten’s no nonsense approach and her imaginative ways of explaining quite complex issues in an accessible way. There is a sense that she is really listening and she was generous with her advice and knowledge (which seems to be vast!).” Karen M

“I was impressed with Kirsten’s knowledge – both of allopathic medicine/nutrition and holistic medicine; and her ability to so gracefully educate and encourage me. She was extremely helpful in giving me ‘the big picture’ in regards to adrenal health, supplements and detoxification.” Shanon O

“Kirsten gave me information which was very, very informative, she told me how to get the best out of food, nutrients and a follow up just to check in the progress that I’d made.” Jane S

“She respected my lifestyle and gave me extra tips.” Jolanda V S.

“I have known Kirsten for over 10 years, as a friend, a colleague at Vision of Hope Clinic and as a fabulous Nutritionist. Kirsten’s love, deep knowledge and application of nutrition continues to inspire me and has made an ongoing difference in the way I work with my body to get the most out of living”
Carrie Harris

“Kirsten has been my nutritionist while I was pregnant with my baby and is currently also my advisor. Her consultations on supplements, diet including even recipes have been very helpful for my health and my family’s wellbeing. Whenever I call her up for consultation, she always empowers me which fills me with confidence to trust my own instincts. I have shared her delicious recipes and websites with my family and friends who also agree that being healthy and enjoying yummy creative dishes do indeed go hand in hand.”
Vineet Kaur

Since beginning my programme with Kirsten I have felt more in tune with my body’s nutritional needs, including a realisation of what my diet had been lacking for so long. Using Kirsten’s nutritional advice as a way to take control of my diet has been a liberating experience. I feel more energised and healthy from the inside out as I am finally absorbing the nutrients my body really needs. The programme has definitely contributed to a greater overall sense of well-being.
Laura Cornish


Testimonials from workshops and courses:

“As a teacher of nutrition Kirsten has a fantastic ability to explain quite complicated ideas in a way that can be both understood and applied easily. I came home feeling I had understood more and could apply certain principles to my relationship with food and nutrition which have proved to be very helpful.”

“The course was extremely good value and fascinating, every week I was gripped and looked forward to the next session!  I had never really realised or considered how nutrition and our bodies are connected to everything in the universe.  This course has certainly opened my eyes and made me think about things in a different way.  The course worked well because Kirsten followed a general framework she adapted it each week making it more relevant according to our interests.  She conveyed a wealth of knowledge in a simple and easy to understand way, as well as giving us practical ideas on how best to utilise the information and incorporate it into our daily lives.  I left the course feeling motivated and committed to making nutritional lifestyle changes.”

“I absolutely loved this course to the point it became the highlight of my week.  The course gave me the understanding and confidence, I needed to make some very positive changes in my life.  I feel so inspired and just want to learn more.”

“Kirsten tailored the course and information to our needs and interests. Fascinating course with simple well explained information to take home and apply.  I’m now making much better choices as to what I’m putting into my body!”

“Kirsten was extremely knowledgeable and had an excellent rapport with people. She took the fear away from food and advised to eat mindfully and consciously.”

“It was a fascinating course and the atmosphere was warm and supportive.”

“It was all new for me so I liked the whole course because I learned a lot.  Particularly the techniques to heal the gut and to help the lymphatic system to release toxins (Level 2).  Also I liked the way of teaching and the information we had.”

“Very informative course and just the way that Kirsten links all the key factors to our everyday life.  Where we can apply this type of nutritional stuff to our busy schedules/life.  Great stuff ideal for all ages!”

“I really enjoyed this course.  Kirsten delivered information in an informal way building on the groups knowledge.  The information was detailed – the worksheets were very informative.  The subjects covered over the 6 weeks were well planned.”

“I feel the course has really changed the way I cook and eat.  It made me very aware of processes in my body. Really good.”

“I feel happier that I feel a bit more knowledgable with food groups & combining different types of food.  Also feel my mood is better than normal at this time of year.”

“[I have] more awareness of diet and ways to improve it.”

“I feel happier because I have more knowledge to look after myself and family.  I  liked the friendliness of the teacher and group.”

“I liked Kirsten’s way of explaining, communicating. The emphasis of hydration.”



Workshops and Courses:

Please visit the links below for more details

Online workshops:

What is an Anti-Inflammatory Diet?
Inflammation is a key feature of many illnesses and conditions, so an Anti-Inflammatory Diet is often recommended. But what is an Anti-Inflammatory Diet, and how can you put yours in place?
Available on demand at: kirsten-chick.cademy.co.uk

Nutrition for the Menopausal Mind
Learn a nourishing approach to help manage and regulate stress, anxiety, memory, concentration, brain fog and sleep.Understand why these can be a problem around perimenopause and menopause, and how nutrition can help.£6
Available on demand at: kirsten-chick.cademy.co.uk


Introduction to Integrative Oncology for Healthcare Professionals (online)
11 pre-recorded modules by 11 different Course Presenters
£99 (for a limited time only)
Book: yestolife-horizons.org

Other Events:

Yes to Life Annual Conference 2023: You & Your Cancer Team
I co-hosted and presented at both the online and in person events this year, alongside some wonderful professionals, who came together to bring you the best practical support possible.
Recordings of the key speaker sessions are available to buy now: www.yestolifeshop.org/annual-conference-2023

Your Life and Cancer conference
Kirsten was invited back to this year’s event, appearing in an interview with naturopathic oncologist Dr. Heidi Kussman and on two Q&A panels – download the recordings from both weekends here: www.yourlifeandcancer.com

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