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Bite-sized Nutrition Tips

During Lockdown, I started recording these Bite-sized Nutrition Tips as a way of getting simple messages out there on eating to strengthen the immune system and reduce the impact of stress. There are 22 tips on foods, drinks, nutrients and mindful eating:

Bite-sized Nutrition Tips



Older YouTube videos 


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Seasons and Cycles part 1


Seasons and Cycles part 2


Being Gluten Free


Fertility and Pre-conceptual Care


Almond Milk Recipe


Nut Truffle Recipe


Healthy Joints part 1


Healthy Joints part 2


Healthy Joints part 3


Preventing Osteoporosis and Strengthening Bone Density part 1


Preventing Osteoporosis and Strengthening Bone Density part 2


Preventing Osteoporosis and Strengthening Bone Density part 3


Online Workshops and Courses:

Please visit my facebook page or e-mail me at info@connectwithnutrition.co.uk for more details


Nutrition for People Living with Cancer
Thursday 8th April 2021 7-8.30pm GMT
Book: www.eventbrite.co.uk

Menopause Nutrition
Thursday 22nd April 2021 7-8.15pm GMT
£10/8 + bf
Book: www.eventbrite.co.uk

Other Events:

Your Life and Cancer conference
Kirsten spoke as an Expert Host on “Diet as the Foundation of Good Health” – recordings are available to buy here: www.yourlifeandcancer.com



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