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warm slaw

Warm Slaw – recipe below


Raw vs Cooked?

I got my nutrition students to have a Raw vs Cooked debate today. They came up with some really great points.
How eating foods raw preserves many of the vitamins and minerals (depending on how and how long it’s been stored). While some nutrients, such as beta-carotene in carrots and lycopene in tomatoes and asparagus are actually released and made more available through cooking.

How cooking breaks down the fibres to make things more easily digestible, while raw food contains digestive enzymes to save your body from having to produce too many more.

How raw food was our original natural diet, but there must have been good reason why we started cooking some foods.
Later in the term, we’ll be discussing how cooked foods may be more appropriate in colder climates and seasons, and raw more fitting in the warmer months and closer to the equator. And how people with weakened digestion may fare better on cooked foods, where others may feel more energised from eating raw. Perhaps introducing some Ayurvedic and oriental principles.


Slaw craving

Anyway, I came home craving coleslaw, but feeling too cold for it. So instead I made warm slaw – still slightly crunchy and refreshing, but also warming, soothing to the digestion and full of beta carotene:
-finely shredded cabbage
– grated carrot
-finely sliced red onion
1. Gently simmer in a little water till starting to soften, then drain
2. Stir in a dollop of yoghurt (I used sheep’s) and a sprinkle of tamari

You could also try stirring in some chopped herbs before serving, or adding some ground coriander seed while cooking.

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