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It’s Wimbledon, which means only one thing: strawberries!

Whether you’re a tennis fan or a summer fan or both, now is the time for the sweet, heady smell and juicy explosion of taste that a sun ripened strawberry brings.

Strawberry nutrition
Strawberries are an outstanding source of vitamin C, and also provide good levels of manganese, potassium and folate (the natural form of folic acid). Manganese is great for healthy skin, bone strength, regulating blood sugar and making detoxification enzymes. Potassium is important for keeping you hydrated, blood pressure and heart health, as well as for msucles and bones. Folate is not just for pregnancy, it’s also crucial for making DNA and red blood cells, for the brain and heart and much more.

Strawberries also contain medium amounts of oxalates, so have them just as an occasional summertime treat if you are on a low oxalate diet, for kidney stone prevention for example.

Top taste tip
My mother’s top tip for bringing the flavour out of strawberries is to add black pepper. Yes, it really works!

Cocoberry dessert
My favourite healthy strawberry recipe is this light but decadent and super healthy dessert.cocoberrydessert
You just need: oat cakes, coconut oil, raw honey, coconut cream, strawberries – surely staples in any summertime cupboard!

1. Blend the oat cakes with enough coconut oil (and raw honey – optional) to make a biscuit crumb base, like a cheesecake base. I slowly add the coconut oil until the biscuity mixture binds to itself and seems to wipe the blender clean. You could also use a mix of coconut oil and grass fed butter for a “buttery biscuit base”.
2. Blend coconut cream (Waitrose do an organic one in a small tin, Sainsbury’s do a non-organic one in a little blue carton, and I’m sure there are plenty more around; you don’t really want the hardened block for this) with a little raw honey to taste. You could add a little lemon juice here too.
3. Chop the strawberries into tiny pieces and stir into the coconut cream.
4. Using small glass or ceramic dishes, large wine glasses or small tumblers, press a layer of crumb base into the bottom, spoon the strawberry and coconut cream mixture on top and refrigerate to firm up a little before serving.

Dairy free and healthy, yet super creamy and delightfully delicious!


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